Advanced Network Traffic Analysis

GreyCortex Mendel
Know exactly what is going on in your network

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Advanced Threat Detection

For Better and Faster Incident Response

GreyCortex Mendel employs advanced machine learning, unique detection algorithms and several additional traditional detection methods for detection of both known and unknown threats.

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Detection of Advanced and Unkonwn Threats

Deep Network Visibility

For Secure, Reliable and Efficient Network Operation

GreyCortex Mendel differs from other solutions for Network Performance Monitoring, Diagnostics and Application Monitoring in several crucial aspects: its application awareness, identity awareness and a flow-based monitoring engine processes six times more features than NetFlow.

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Deep Network Visibility

High Usability & Effectiveness

For More Focused and Less Time-Demanding Work

GreyCortex Mendel is designed for Advanced Security Network Monitoring of critical infrastructure and other high-demand environments. The advantages of Mendel technology such as artificial intelligence, risk assessment, intuitive web user interface or robust filtering will help you accomplish more in less time.

High Usability and Effectiveness

Experience & Innovation

For Security Professionals by Security Professionals

GreyCortex Mendel incorporates several cutting edge technologies with several ground breaking ones to be implemented soon.

It is based on the combination of the extensive experience and client feedback on competing products, and research of a team of the Brno University of Technology which succeeded repeatedly at NIST challenges.

Experience & Innovation