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We value our VARs, VADs and MSSPs, whether they are small or large. We provide them with an individual approach that fits their specific needs. This includes not only a full support and advanced training, not just to partners but to customers as well.

We like to keep things simple. If it comes to ease of use and deployment of our products, business terms, or support from our sales and technical team, we enjoy/​prefer hands on and easy-to-use approach.

GREYCORTEX is a highly competitive product with a clear value that exceeds customer expectations. Our satisfied customers and partners are our best reference.

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- Network Detection and Response vendor in continental Europe mentioned by GARTNER

- A network security monitoring product that meets the challenges of both IT and OT/SCADA networks

- Effective tool for Managed Detection and Response, SOC, Network and Application Visibility etc.

- Technology that enables results other vendors can’t

Our Partner’s Experience

DNS (Czech Republic)
Value Added Distributor 
“We are proud distributors of GREYCORTEX Mendel in the Czech Republic. The tool analyzes mirrored, real traffic from selected parts or the whole network to affect the communication within the subnets. GREYCORTEX Mendel learns how the network works over a period of about 2–3 weeks to then alert on abnormalities, errors or threats! Whether to periodically check the ‘health’ of the network, forensically trace incidents, completely visualize network traffic, or inventory all devices on the network, Mendel displays in seconds what previously took an administrator days to track down using multiple tools. It’s not without reason that GREYCORTEX customers refer to Mendel as the true network glasses.”

Anect (Czech Republic)
Ivan Svoboda, Business Development Manager 
“GREYCORTEX has been our technology partner for many years. We highly appreciate our cooperation because they are very customer-oriented and they focus on customer needs and how to address them. GREYCORTEX is a reliable partner for us.”

Antesto (Czech Republic)
Petr Němec, CEO
„At Antesto, we strive not only to provide comprehensive IT and cyber security services but also to be a reliable and trustworthy partner for our customers. The same values are shared by the team of professionals at GREYCORTEX, which is why we chose their NDR Mendel solution as our flagship product to offer our customers. We can always rely on the knowledge and experience of their experts, but also on their superior approach to us as a partner.“

Aricoma (Czech Republic)
Petr Vejmělek, Offer Area Manager – Cybersecurity
“In GREYCORTEX, we have found a modern and quality product that helps us cover the NDR region in our integration projects. Moreover, thanks to our helpful and friendly mutual cooperation, we are also able to provide this solution cost-effectively as part of our security monitoring services, which we provide to our customers through our own Security Operations Center – AC SOC.”

ELAT (Czech Republic)
We provide information and cybersecurity services to a diverse range of clients, from small businesses and public institutions to multinational corporations. With this experience, we can combine the flexible and dynamic operations of smaller companies with the standards and processes of big ones. We choose the best technologies and partners for our work, and we include GREYCORTEX and their product Mendel. Above all, we value professionalism, flexibility, and openness to new requirements.

Visitech(Czech Republic)
Tereza Manczalová, Marketing Manager
“GREYCORTEX Mendel gives us a complex view of what is happening in the network. With its simple and intuitive operation, it helps us to complete the overall picture of real network traffic and enriches the SOC365 service with its early detection of threats in the infrastructure. It provides us with the ability to react quickly to any anomalies. If there is one partner that we can rely on 100%, both in terms of business and marketing, it is GREYCORTEX.”

Soitron(Czech Republic)
Petr Kocmich, Global Cyber Security Delivery Manager, SOITRON GROUP
“Thanks to our close cooperation with GREYCORTEX, we offer our customers reliable and unique solutions in the NDR area. The GREYCORTEX Mendel tool allows customers to gain insight into their network through a simple and intuitive interface, with which they gain real visibility into operations and the ability to react to security incidents in a fully automated manner. GREYCORTEX’s professional and pro-customer approach, support and reliable products are the reasons why it is a strategic manufacturer for us.”

Beset (Slovak Republic)
Martin Senčák, Business Development Director
“The new approach to network traffic security through the Mendel solution is greatly augmented by the personal and professional approach of the GREYCORTEX team. Direct management support is their massive advantage.”

Clockwise (Poland)
Aleksandra Szatkowska, Marketing Manager
“We have built our company on relationships. Support, a friendly atmosphere, committed experts and reliable partners are the key to our success. Such is the cooperation we have with GREYCORTEX. The manufacturer supports the partner in every situation. It has a reliable team that you just want to work with!”

4Prime (Poland)
Tomasz Stypik, CEO
“As an integrator, we see clients comprehensively. From recognizing needs and identifying requirements to implementation and support, what is important to us is a competent, friendly, and dynamically supporting approach to each project. GREYCORTEX, as a professional and supportive team and a provider of high-end solutions, has turned out to be an excellent partner for cooperation.”

SOC360 (Poland)
“Working hand in hand with GREYCORTEX – a world-leading NDR platform provider – we take care of cybersecurity so you can focus on your business.” SOC360 brings to you 24/7 monitoring, enterprise class cybersecurity tools, incident-handling processes and an expert team, without the need for investment.

Decsoft (Poland)
Robert Musiał, CEO
“Decsoft S.A. cooperates with leading global and domestic providers of technology solutions. By partnering with GREYCORTEX, we are able to provide our customers with an innovative solution for network monitoring and security and, most importantly, significantly increase the level of visibility of network communications and its participants.”

MCX (Poland)
“Thanks to our partnership with GREYCORTEX, we are able to provide our customers with reliable solutions for network security that are tailored to their specific needs. We deeply appreciate the professionalism and technical knowledge the team is always keen to share with us and our clients.”

ITT-Pro (Poland)
“We support our customers in both growth and business continuity, and the area of IT and process security is extremely important, especially today. With Greycortex’s solutions, we provide our customers with an understanding of how communications work in their network environment, which makes troubleshooting much easier and enables them to monitor it effectively and efficiently for security.”

IT Solution Factor (Poland)
“GREYCORTEX is an important partner for IT Solution Factor’s products portfolio in security solutions. We enjoy ease of doing business, from the deal registration process, transparent pricing to effective communications in general. During our common work, trust is a key factor in the vendor-partner relationship, making the overall experience successful.”

Softinet (Poland)
“We are an experienced integrator of modern information technologies. We build optimal and secure IT environments, providing customers with products and services tailored to their needs. GREYCORTEX provides one of the market-leading NDR solutions for our clients and has become one of our most important partners.”

COMP SA (Poland)
COMP SA is one of the leading providers of solutions for broadband networks in Poland. We use the unique value on the Polish market, which is the combination of competences with knowledge of network technologies and security systems. We work with leading global providers of network and security solutions.

Alma (Poland)
Alma S.A. specializes in cyber security and consulting, design and implementation of long-range optical networks. Alma provides comprehensive services in the field of cyber and physical security, including highly specialized services aimed at the industrial and public sectors. The portfolio of services also includes construction and maintenance of data centers and IT outsourcing.

iSEC (Japan)
Koichi Onodera, Executive Director 
“GREYCORTEX is an important partner to iSEC to enforce NTA/NBA business in Japan. We place great trust in their technological capabilities and the ease of communication ensures the success of our partnership.”

Version 2 Limited (Hong Kong)
Carlos Cheng, CEO
“While great products and expertise are vital foundations, a great team with a great mentality are elements which sum up the equation of success. We are grateful to find that GREYCORTEX, apart from their technical competencies, is also a dynamic, reliable, friendly, and supportive partner. With all these components in place, I envision that together we will create some great market successes in the regions we cover.”