May 31, 2023 — GREYCORTEX, a leading provider of network detection and response solutions, is pleased to announce the release of GREYCORTEX Mendel 4.1, featuring an all-new visually appealing interface that enhances the user experience.
With a strong focus on usability, GREYCORTEX Mendel 4.1 introduces a cleaner and more modern look, offering users an intuitive environment. The new user interface has been meticulously designed to reduce visual complexity and provide seamless access to essential data, enabling users to effortlessly navigate through the system.

We understand the importance of simplicity in user interfaces,” said Radek Hloušek, Product Manager at GREYCORTEX. “Our goal with GREYCORTEX Mendel 4.1 was to create an interface that not only looks great but also enhances the overall user experience. We wanted to make complex functionality accessible and intuitive for our users, allowing them to focus on what matters most – detecting and mitigating cyber threats.

One of the standout features of the new Mendel UI is the availability of light and dark themes, providing users with the flexibility to choose a visual style that suits their preference and working environment. Whether it’s a bright and vibrant theme or a sleek and sophisticated dark mode, GREYCORTEX Mendel 4.1 offers a personalized experience to cater to diverse user needs.

Additionally, the new version brings integration with endpoint detection and response platforms and software-defined networking solutions to enable extended detection and response capabilities. Moreover, advanced filtering helps power users extract the precise information they are looking for. For OT customers, BACnet protocol processing offers visibility into building management systems.

GREYCORTEX Mendel 4.1 represents the company’s commitment to continuously innovating and improving its offerings, ensuring customers have access to cutting-edge solutions that enhance their cybersecurity.

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