Kocián Šolc Balaštík – Czech Law Firm

Legal Compliance – Securing Multiply Offices

Founded in 1990, Kocián Šolc Balaštík (KSB) is one of the largest law firms in the Czech Republic. Based in Prague and with almost seventy legal and tax advisers, it is well placed to provide comprehensive legal and tax advice to domestic and foreign clients. Since its inception, KSB has carved out its reputation as a successful and independent law firm, fully able to compete with international law firms. KSB has been repeatedly awarded Law Firm of the Year in the Czech Republic by the independent and highly prestigious rating agencies, Who’s Who Legal and Chambers and Partners.

  • The need to secure confidential client information against malicious threats and espionage
  • Visibility into devices in the network is very important
  • An overview of various device communications, both within the network and externally
  • Multiple office location deployment, but centrally managed


As one of the largest law firms in the Czech Republic and with an international reach, the firm needed to maintain security – not just for its own network, but also for confidential client information. Additionally, it was necessary to ensure compliance with privacy and data protection requirements (GDPR), and protection from advanced threats and espionage. The firm was actively seeking an advanced network security tool. The last requirement was that the solution should be deployed in multiple locations, but with the ability to be managed centrally.

“At Kocián, Šolc and Balaštík, we take our clients’ needs very seriously. From the smallest to the largest, all of our clients rely on us to maintain the confidence of the matters in which we represent them. We know that hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated, and that law firms are increasingly targeted. But with GREYCORTEX Mendel implemented in our network, we are able to defend ourselves much more effectively than before, and maintain crucial client confidence and our peace of mind.”

  • Security and visibility demands have been met
  • Multiple offices are secured from a single location
  • The small team is now able to conduct security on the scale of a larger one
  • Regulatory/​legal compliance needs have been met 


The firm uses the GREYCORTEX Mendel all-in-one hardware. Mendel is the prime monitoring solution for the firm’s multiple offices, across major cities, and is able to provide data from each office via a central location. It provides the robust security and detection capabilities that the firm needs. Mendel also enables the firm’s security team to do the work of a larger team with fewer people – providing detection, visibility and forensic analysis, all from one location.