The Regional Authority

Security Managed Services

As cyber risks had become more complex and automated, threatening the integrity of the entire network, the Regional Authority realized the need to modernize and protect its infrastructure better. Especially when taking into consideration the critical nature of the network, which ensures that many critical systems run smoothly. With that aim in mind, the Regional Authority underwent a major modernization of their infrastructure.

  • Necessary to ensure the smooth operation of their critical network
  • Needed to be aware of existing risks to their network at all times
  • Their overall network security posture needed improving
  • Limited internal resources to manage a tool


An important part of the modernization project was to improve network security without the need to hire additional IT personnel. With respect to the limited IT team resources, it became obvious that GREYCORTEX Mendel deployed as managed services was the best possible approach. An experienced external team could ensure the continuous security monitoring of the entire Olomouc network and promptly notify the internal team if a security event posing a significant threat to the network occured. Additionally, this tool should meet their budgetary expectations without additional costs.

  • The prevention of operational and security incidents
  • Ability to respond quickly to events that endanger security
  • The internal team can now work more efficiently
  • Budget expectations met
  • The generation of regular security reports, describing any network risks and their solution


Thanks to GREYCORTEX Mendel, together with the managed services, Olomouc’s newly modernized infrastructure is protected and prepared to tackle any modern cybersecurity threats. GREYCORTEX security analysts monitor the network, prepare regular security reports, where they identify network risks, recommend how to solve them effectively and notify the internal team immediately to avoid any disruptions to the network’s operation. This has resulted in a reduction of the workload, meaning the internal IT team can now do their work more efficiently. Also, GREYCORTEX’s managed services are far more economical and fit within the planned budget.