Visibility is key to protecting our networks. But what exactly is visibility and why is it important?

Visibility means having a clear understanding of what’s happening in your network at all times. That means you can continuously verify what you see in your policies and best practices, immediately catching configuration issues, vulnerabilities, irregularities in security protocols, and user behavior. You also gain knowledge in the area of network performance and services as well as their availability.

By having visibility, you can act preventively, and systematically strengthen your network’s resilience to intrusions and reduce the room for maneuver for potential attackers. It also allows you to observe traffic in all relevant locations and network segments, whether on local networks, servers, or in the cloud.

So, how can you achieve perfect visibility?

One tool that can help is GREYCORTEX Mendel, which provides real-time monitoring and visualization of all communication in your network. It builds a mathematical model of your network and helps you determine what devices are communicating with each other, when, and how much data they’re sending and receiving. In Mendel, you can read details about used protocols for communication, including analysis of application data, or user identities. This provides detailed context and additional information about security events and threats.

Visibility is also crucial for managing any OT/SCADA network.

An up-to-date and accurate knowledge of what elements are involved in these communications, and what appears or disappears in them is invaluable, if only from an operational point of view. On top of that, GREYCORTEX Mendel understands OT/SCADA protocols, which brings visibility to critical control parameters such as temperature, RPM, voltage, or any other relevant factor in the data transmitted over the network. This adds more visibility into the processes in operation and provides an additional opportunity for the prevention of and response to abnormal events.

It does not stop here. GREYCORTEX Mendel goes a step further in this visualization. Thanks to advanced filtering, combining a number of parameters and using local operators, you can examine each device and its communication also to the smallest details as well as in the history. That makes root cause analysis, threat hunting, and network troubleshooting simple. This has also been confirmed by SOC teams that found Mendel an invaluable tool for post-hack analysis and prevention activities.

In short, visibility is an essential part of cybersecurity, and tools like GREYCORTEX Mendel can help you achieve it. By clearly understanding what’s happening on your network at all times, you can take preventive measures to strengthen your network’s resilience and protect against potential attacks.