Town Uherské Hradiště

Complex Visibility and Network Analysis

Uherské Hradiště is a historical Czech town with 25,000 inhabitants. In 1997, the town was affected by massive floods. It was necessary to invest in the restoration of a number of buildings and the management of related network infrastructure and systems.

  • Initially, the customer only used the Mendel solution to get an overview of the facilities.
  • Renewal and extension of the GREYCORTEX Mendel licence.
  • Training of the customer’s internal team to use the product.
  • Customization of the product to the customer’s growing cyber security needs.

Challenges: Using GREYCORTEX Mendel to Its Full Potential

To digitize public administration agendas, the city uses several available programs and grants. Within the framework of the grant program for the support of information technology and the construction of regional technology centers in 2015, they selected the offer of our partner ICZ. The offer also included a tool for the management of their network activities – GREYCORTEX Mendel.

At the time of the first implementation phase, the customer was using Mendel primarily to gain an overview of all devices in their infrastructure, but they were not yet using all of our product’s cyber security capabilities. 

In the meantime, the city government’s IT department underwent a reorganization of their staff. After that, as part of the negotiations for a further extension of the five-year contract, we started discussions on the possibility for the wider use of Mendel. The preparations included extensive training of the customer’s staff to enable them to reliably use all the necessary functionalities of our product. As part of the current Mendel license renewal, we are now jointly preparing to expand and adapt it to the customer’s growing cybersecurity needs, which fall in line with the current development of the city’s infrastructure.

“Together with my colleagues, we are aware that we have to use the invested public funds effectively. The staff resources of our department are limited, so I appreciate systems that not only allow me to detect anomalies in the IT infrastructure, operational risks and security events, but above all, they visualize our environment very clearly. It really makes my work easier and I can focus on solving priority tasks and major incidents.”

(Mgr. Jiří Dorogy, IT specialist)

  • Quick orientation throughout the infrastructure, clear graphical visualization of the environment.
  • The uncovering of functional and security weaknesses in the network.
  • The provision of information about all anomalous device behavior.
  • Efficient use of invested public resources – the customer’s staff has time to focus on priority tasks and major incidents.

Results: Complex Visibility and Network Analysis

Mgr. Jiří Dorogy, the city authority’s IT specialist from the Department of Organisational Administration and Informatics, describes his everyday work with GREYCORTEX Mendel:

“GREYCORTEX Mendel helped me navigate the entire infrastructure very quickly after I joined the office. Thanks to this solution, our IT department discovered functional and security deficiencies in certain areas and components of our network and services. It continuously shows us the usage of applications and services and also provides us with information about anomalous device behaviour, which we are able to analyse and react to in a timely manner as necessary.”

In more than five years of using GREYCORTEX Mendel, the number of monitored devices and the volume of monitored data streams have increased significantly in the customer’s infrastructure. Together with our certified partner, we are, therefore, extending the delivery to include specialized security monitoring services in order to maximize the cybersecurity of the infrastructure while making it easier for the customer to manage.